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We equip Nigerian youth with in-demand skills, certifications, and access to sustainable livelihoods.

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From our beginnings as an edtech startup providing in-demand tech and non-tech skills training to Nigerian youth from low income communities, through our growing success as a trusted hub connecting graduates to economic opportunities, we now enter a new era consolidating all of our strengths into the powerful SUWK Job Marketplace platform.


Our end-to-end technology solution is set to revolutionize how socially responsible companies build talent pipelines, and how skilled youths access life-changing remote and on-site job placements across Nigeria and beyond.

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Unlock your potential with SUWK’s comprehensive ecosystem designed to empower Nigerian youth. Gain access to market-aligned digital skills training, entrepreneurship mentoring, sustainable employment pathways, exclusive membership benefits, and vibrant networking opportunities across tech and non-tech sectors in partnership with our 45+ corporate sponsors and hiring partners.


Showcase your talents and determination to the world. Your brighter future starts here.

Our expert-led, industry-validated training programs equip you with the most in-demand technical and soft skills to thrive in the 21st century workforce. Tuition fees has been paid by SUWK partners, which means that you get a 100% scholarship for the program you enroll in. 

Our upcoming AI-powered job marketplace platform will connect you to curated remote and local job openings, freelance gigs, and entrepreneurial resources to apply your skills and start earning.

Join the 2500+ SUWK graduates who have transformed their career trajectories and increased their incomes by an average of 85% through our skills-to-employment pathways. Your dream livelihood is within reach.

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SUWK’s cohort-based learning model combines the best of expert-led live online instruction, peer collaboration, and real-world projects to provide an engaging, interactive and impactful upskilling experience optimized for learner success.

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Join our vibrant ecosystem of learners, corporate sponsors, and employers at SUWK – a transformative skills training and job placement platform empowering underserved Nigerian youth to launch thriving careers. Together, we can bridge the skills gap, cultivate a diverse talent pipeline, and drive inclusive economic growth for a more prosperous Africa.

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